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Full Version: Bleeding limbs
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Following feature is suggested:

Instead of bleeding out normally, by being shot, or taking other sources of damage. Instead. The limb that was shot on will slowly bleed out to 0. If that amount is reached. The limb is not only officially crippled, but now, the real HP is going to take damage.
Thus, it is important to keep all vital parts of your character bandaged. The bandage process will start automatically like it was before. However, the process will begin with the very first wound. And will end with the last received wound. It is important to note, that generic damage (for example fire, or explosions) need to be managed as well.

The status of current wounds will be displayed in the current character sheet on the right hand side of your screen. You will not only see each wound you currently have, but also an indicator, which one is being bandaged right now.

We hope, to give more depth to the combat system by that.

Another option would be, that if a limb has completely bled out, the limbs adjacent to that limb, will start to slowly bleed out.
Another possibility would be, that limbs now only loose health when bleeding out. Possibly lowering the value of the "Instant cripple" chance to a minimalistic value.

Suggestion from Zmeja
Thanks for your suggestion! First of all the Admins will look into a possible duplicate (e.g. Suggestion was already named).
If the Prefix will change from [Suggestion] to [Implemented] congratulations! You have helped the community one step further to be awesome! This will be rewarded of course so stay tuned!

Status: Testphase
Likelihood: 4/5
Estimated time of implementation: Implemented
Additional Information: none