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Broken damage model when in KD/KO - Zmeja - 21-09-2017

When in Knockdown / Knockout, the victim seems to have more HP and/or not die from having no HP at all. In addition to that the lost HP is sometimes given back when getting back up.

User who first sighted this bug: Zmeja & Lost
Replicable: On circa 25-50% of all KD's & KO's
Date of first sighting: Mid of September 2017

RE: Broken damage model when in KD/KO - Uralez Bot - 21-09-2017

Thanks for your bug report! First of all the Admins will look into a possible duplicate (e.g. Bug was already reported).
If the Prefix will change from [Bug] to [Fixed] congratulations! You have helped the community one step further to be bug-free! This will be rewarded of course so stay tuned!

Status: Confirmed Bug
Importance: 3/5
Estimated time of fix: Probably in the near future
Additional Information: none