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Thread Contributor: ZmejaRecovery on fall damage
Started by Zmeja

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Lightbulb  28-08-2017, 07:22 PM -
The suggestion states, that a player should have a small recovery time after taking fall damage. This could be implemented by having a small timeframe where the user will heal his broken legs by a few %. Or by taking additional damage when moving instantly after the fall. Or even not being able to move after the fall entirely.

Suggestion from Lost
Uralez Bot

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Lightbulb  28-08-2017, 07:22 PM -
Thanks for your suggestion! First of all the Admins will look into a possible duplicate (e.g. Suggestion was already named).
If the Prefix will change from [Suggestion] to [Implemented] congratulations! You have helped the community one step further to be awesome! This will be rewarded of course so stay tuned!

Status: Possible Suggestion
Likelihood: 2/5
Estimated time of implementation: Not in the near future
Additional Information: none
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