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Thread Contributor: ZmejaChangelog - 25.09.17
Started by Zmeja

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25-09-2017, 02:30 AM -
  • Improved Bleeding System has finished state of development and entered test phase! It is not active on our server!
    Click here!
    With that the limbdamage model was changed as well. Weapons have no longer a Critical Chance, but instead do damage to limbs tied to the damage of the weapon. In addition to that, the code for the damage processing was moved from the client to the server to prevent manipulation. More information to the Bleedingsystem will come.
  • Updated RDM-Manager / Damagelog system
  • Bleeding out on new round bug is fixed. Click here!

Current changes being worked on are mostly Bug-Fixes. Condition system will be postponed, until most game-breaking bugs are fixed.
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